• SumanJM

Bitter Truth: Why Weightloss is the hardest thing you'll ever do!

Weightloss is the hardest thing you will ever do, and there are some bitter truths no one tells you. It's been 5 months since I started my weight loss journey, and I am here to tell you it has NOT been easy.

While eating healthier and as little as possible was pretty easy after the first few weeks, the results have not quite been as expected. You see all these things on the internet about losing double digits in a matter of weeks or months, and I now qualify to tell you that it's all bulls**t. No one in the universe can lose a noticeable amount of weight in weeks or months, let alone keep it off. The internet propaganda on losing weight is highly unrealistic and misleading. It sets unachievable precedents, which in turn make us impatient, and we give up when we don't see results. So, based on my experience, I am here to set your expectations right and clear up some myths around weight loss.

Before I even begin, I would like to reiterate that I have a slow metabolism and hypothyroidism. To know about my health conditions in detail, read my blog on my journey with weight loss.

Fad diets don't work at all.

It's right there in the name. A fad diet is not a permanent thing, and so are its results. Keto, Low GI, Atkins, GM, or any other diet you have seen glorified on the internet will not help you lose weight. Fad diets deprive your body of certain essential food groups. As a result, you cannot make a fad diet a permanent lifestyle, and that's where they fail. To lose weight, especially for women with all the hormonal tornados inside our bodies, you need to find the right diet and stick to it – Forever. Yes, you read that right, FOREVER. You cannot go back to eating what you ate before, ever!

Recommendation - Create a calorie deficit that you can keep up based on your work and lifestyle. A calorie deficit is the only thing that will help you lose and keep off the unwanted pounds. Practice intermittent fasting, cut off or reduce carbs, eliminate fried food and sugar completely. This alone will take a lot of willpower and time to get used to, but once you do it for a few weeks, your body will get used to it.

Working out does not help with weight loss.

Are you surprised? Do you think I am an idiot? Well, bear with me for a second. I have been running for 5+ years now, and I don't run 2-3 km and call myself an athlete, but boy I can run. I can easily run a 10K 4-5 times a week, and for a few years, I did it religiously. I also used to do hourlong home workouts, dance workouts, and go to the gym occasionally, but my weight didn't budge. Now that I have lost some weight with fixing my diet alone, I am here to tell you that working out is the cherry on top, but your eating habits are the only thing that aid weight loss. Don't watch those clips on Instagram that give you three circuits to flatten your arms, belly, legs, and other body parts. Those picture-perfect models blessed with great metabolism do not understand half of a regular woman's body and a fat person's problems.

Recommendation – Working out is excellent for building your stamina, keeping your body flexible, and improving your strength. Once you have lost substantial amounts of body fat, working out can help you shape up your muscles, giving you that perfect figure you want by focusing on specific muscle groups. But unless you fix your food, you could keep doing glute exercises, ab workouts, and whatnot - under those layers of fat and cellulite it won't work, and it won't show. I have lost 11 kilos in 5 months by only focusing on what I eat, mainly because I could not dedicate time and energy to both at once. And even though I plan on resuming running and working out, my primary focus will always be not going back to unhealthy food habits.

There's no such thing as a magic drink.

I am pretty sure if you are overweight or as much as have a double chin, all your friends, family, and acquaintances have given you the recipe to at least one magic drink that could miraculously make you lose weight. Well, my friends, I am sorry to burst your bubble, but there's no such thing. Green tea, honey and lemon, coriander seeds, chia seeds (blah, blah) whatever the ingredient may be - drinking them is no better than drinking a cup of hot water. These drinks are mostly gut relaxants and can improve metabolism by keeping your stomach clear of unwanted toxins, but only if you are already eating clean. Even then, you would need to consume at least 6-8 cups of any drink for it to have a visible impact on your body. However, too much consumption of any specific ingredient can have side effects.

Recommendation – Stop spending your time and energy on a habit you can't keep up. While a cup of warm water with whatever you want in it cannot harm, it does not have a bigger positive impact either. So, relax, drink as much water as you want, keep trans fats, unhealthy oils, carbs, and salt-heavy foods out of your diet, and your gut will start healing itself. There is no magic drink!

You don't think you are that fat.

The cruelest fact about being overweight is that our bodies don't tell us how fat we actually are. Our brain plays treacherous mind games with our eyes. It's the nastiest, meanest illusion we live through each day. You look into the mirror, or gaze at the selfie you just took thinking oh well I am not "that fat," but I am sorry you are. If you've been buying clothes larger than before, if you feel plump, the reality is at least ten times harsher than what your brain is letting you see. Once you lose the first 5 kilos (10+ pounds), you will see how fat you had become. The selfie that looked okay before will become an ugly reflection of you, and you will be motivated to change it even more.

Recommendation – Take a long-term challenge, go extreme, make changes to your diet, and take a picture every week. Compare them, hang them on your bathroom wall and notice. Slowly your eyes will slap your brain to see what's real. It has happened to me; I am not kidding even one bit. Once your body starts feeling better on the inside, it'll reflect on your skin, hair, and you won't want to go back.

Weightloss update – I touched 69 kilos (152 pounds) after five months of steady dieting. That's 11 kilos down from when I started in June. However, I gained almost 2 kilos back because I cheated on my intermittent fasting and sugar intake while on vacation for a week, that's how fast it goes up my friends, nothing I have said is a lie. My target weight is 64 kilos, and anything below that will be a blessing from above, but that does not mean I will not continue what I am doing now. I'll have to if I want to maintain and keep my progress.

I'll do more of these bitter truths in the future. Please share with someone who could use this information. You can also chat with me on Instagram, happy to answer any questions that I can.

Disclaimer: I am not a health practitioner or medical specialist of any sort. All recommendations and suggestions posted above are opinions based on my experience alone, please consult your doctor and follow a diet plan that suits your lifestyle.